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Another Perspective - These Human Eyes

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Today I have a doozy to share with you; it's taken over a month to gather my thoughts around this idea. I almost completely forgot about it because it became a tad too intense for my brain. Let's explore how you react to my crazy cray thoughts. Over the past year, my eyesight has significantly decreased. I think I noticed the decline around April or May of last year. I began to observe in my Gingerish way, when my sight was blurry and when it was not. I've had astigmatism since my younger years but never found help from prescription lenses. I simply have been adjusting to it for forty some odd years. About sixty percent of my time is spent in front of a computer screen working on accounting software, reading, writing, or creating. So when my sight began to falter, I found myself trying to adjust. Here are some of my observations. When I am intently focused on a job, project, or painting, I don't notice the distortion. When I wake up, I don't notice the distortion. When I am walking in nature, I don't notice the distortion. During these very present moments, it's as if I see with other eyes. As soon as I think about it or wonder, hey, are my eyes fuzzy today, I become aware of the fuzzy vision. I am acutely aware of the distortion when I am uncomfortable with a conversation or trying to "see" someone's perspective that doesn't sit right with me. When I am with a client or a loved one and their shadow or mine is in charge of the conversation, my vision is blurred. My physical reaction to the unhealed world's chatter and its distorted perception of who we truly are is intensely blurry eyes. And as you can imagine, I am super de duper aware of my blurred vision as I type these words. Hopefully, you are getting the picture. You may be asking if I am frightened or disturbed by this decline in vision. There have been moments of fear, but mostly I am curious. This curiosity is a manifestation of my continued disassociation from my humanist self. I find such joy in being the observer or the watcher of my human plight. I have had many a good chuckle over the fact that my vision decline happened during 2020, the year I proclaimed as the year of perfect vision. I observed that as my human eyesight declined this past year, my spiritual eyesight has improved. My Knowingness, intuitive nature and, understanding of my galactic nudges amplify with each passing day. The more I honor and heed what is being given to me, the more I receive. You know what I say, "one yes leads to the next." Now comes the good part! As I have mentioned over a gazillion times, The All-Knowing, my higher self or guides, speak to me in the most unusual ways. I love love love following the breadcrumbs. In a conversation with my daughter, I observed her as she was musing over the word humanize. She kept repeating it "Humanize, Hu-man-ize, De-hu-man-ize," over and over. She said that the word was sounding so funny to her and that her mind couldn't compute. While she was on repeat, I experienced one of my POW moments. I felt the words reverberate all the way down to my soul. I had been given a Knowing. When I see the world with these human eyes, I can only perceive what the world has to offer; a distorted and destructive version of our true nature. I know that I can only experience the bliss, glory, and grace of unconditional love when I close my eyes (and ears) to the filtered world and look upon it or experience it with Angel Eyes or Eyes of Love. What I see in the world and culture today is the dehumanization of humankind. This perception can be seen as a good thing or a bad. In terms of past societal destruction, it is perilous. When I perceive it through my soul's eye I see the end of a Newtonian Illusion and the beginning of an Awakened Culture. "These Human Eyes" (De – human – ize) are not capable of perceiving our true nature, one of perfection and love. When I use my inner knowing and eyes of love, I can remember my perfection and see you and our world in that same light. My muse is chomping at the bit to explore this topic to its fullest. I anticipate more to come on the topic of "these human eyes." For now, I leave you with immense love and appreciation. Know that I hold each of you in my heart and see you with the grace of Angel Eyes. Now I'm off to make an appointment with an Ophthalmologist. Loving you always, Ginger

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