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"I have just read half of it and it is exactly what I feel is true! I have never had such a profound sense of inner peace and trust just by reading certain words."

Ajda Balderman| Energy Healer

"It really had an effect on me, energetically, as I was going through it. I've felt this with a few other books so I know when it happens."

DM |Editor

This book is a beautiful and pure form of energy flow that is love. It instills gratitude, peace of mind, and the “walk of life in love”. A true inspiration and a breath of fresh air.

Luda Cardoso, MPA MPH | Analyst

“Sir Isaac Newton introduced us to a PHYSICAL gravitational theory. Virginia, whimsically, scientifically and creatively enlightens us to another gravitational theory as it relates to our SPIRIT our MIND our EMOTIONS and how we see ourselves.  Understanding how The Gravity Code affects each one of us is understanding what “brings us down” and holds us down. Understanding allows us to adjust and lift ourselves to unimaginable loving heights and just BE. So sit back, let this all sink in and just “remember” what our Creator has provided for us all along. Feel the Love!!”

Linda Liken|Founder/Co-Owner
Rehab Artists, LLC

Reading this tome brought many emotions I was drawn in by the story of Isaac I've never heard before. The experiments during a plague and the eventual distribution of knowledge couched in religious terms. The exploration of God and self-actualization seems to turn religious. I thought that's so privileged and focused on Self! What of the truly victimized and hungry who are not in a safe place and can't focus on self-love? Love unfettered can create narcissists and psychopaths who only care to enhance themselves. Each of us can claim enlightenment, but who can be sure? As the author continued on the discourse of Gravity Code, it became a redefinition of Buddha's teachings. There was a hint of the Ho'oponopono method of self-love changing the world. Eric Pearl's Reconnective healing was also a stepping stone for this conglomeration of philosophy, history, and journal. More interesting to me was the author's personal journey and how this actually manifested in reality. When a philosophy is palpable and made real then it has merit. Following the path leads to what, where and when we need to be is the path of Tao, effortless living. The Gravity Code is thought-provoking and a point for discussion with those who are open to a deeper meaning to our existence. 


Second Read:

I have yet to experience such an interactive book. This was not just a read for me. It was a whole body, whole essence, multisensory experience! I was receiving the words, ingesting the words, reflecting on the words and interacting with the resonance of the words throughout the entire book. I could feel a deep remembrance happening. Combined with the guided meditations that complement this book I experienced profound shifts in my inner listening and sense of Self. Three lines I heard from a song during the time of reading UGC sums up my experience. "Do you remember? Do you surrender? Do you remember how it feels?" Allow it. Let the gravity pull you in to Love's embrace .

In a delightfully enthusiastic way, Virginia pulls you up from your basement consciousness into your own rooftop consciousness, where you are of Divinity itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the inspiration that came from her exploration into higher consciousness and the divine realm of which we are all a welcome part. The journaling sections are an opportunity to do insightful inner work and remember who you are meant to be.

Rosemary Hurwitz, MA.Ps |Author of  "Who You Are Meant To Be - The Enneagram Effect"

This is a great read and more importantly a great remembrance of who and what we are. When we remember, it cuts through everything else and resets us back to our knowing. The Author's book relates her journey of reconnecting to the expansion of her knowing beautifully. It will reconnect you to yours.

Susan Barker | The Mandala Coach Author of "Pearls of Wisdom"

As Virginia says in this lovely book, "it's time to wake up now." This is a useful guide to help one look at their stories and remember who they truly are. Ginger has written a wonderful tool to awaken the light in us all.

J. Schlueter | Reflexologist and Energy Healer

Lisa Seyring |Energy Healer

The Universal Gravity Code-

Choose Love. In a unique and unconventional way Virginia shows how in surrendering to unconditional love of self we can disarm the emotional encoding from life’s traumas.  The premise of her writing and how she relates it to historical teachings of Sir Isaac Newton’s concept of gravity is intriguing from the start.  The reader is taken on fantastic journey to discover how the concept of the conventional love of self has profound impact on our lives giving us the freedom to unite as one.  Lose Fear.

Julie Goldberg, MD

If you are a “linear thinking” person endeavoring to understand the concept of spiritual or quantum energy, Virginia Adams’, “The Universal Gravity Code”, just might help connect the dots. Converting Newton’s laws from a physical to a spiritual perspective is, in my opinion, a stroke of genius. Virginia guides you expertly thru her adaptation of the laws with great insight. She teaches how to identify a gravity code and how to disarm it as well. Her meditations are unlike any I’ve experienced before. There is no poking your head in the sand. I read the book and then reread it taking the time to enjoy the meditations. You will receive from “The Universal Gravity Code” and meditations exactly what you allow yourself to receive. Thanks, Virginia, it was a great journey.

Janet Smedley | Energy Healer

I hope you are READY to be in total wonder and awe as you read through the
pages of The Universal Gravity Code by Virginia Adams! The words are
inspired from a place that exists within her soul and I was captivated right from
the beginning of the book.
I loved the way Virginia takes us into history through the life and memoirs of Sir
Isaac Newton. She launches us into the miracles of life. The stories are
stunningly real and helped me place myself into a state of contemplation, self-
love, and hope for a future full of love and light.
This is a beautiful book and a must-read for anyone on a spiritual path!

Mrs. Terry Larkin | Author of The Light GAP - God's Amazing Presence/Energy Healer/Spiritual Mentor

My journey with the Universal Gravity Code was a beautiful adventure and a nonstop one! I couldn't put the book down and read it all within 48 hours, So many truths told. So much to discover internally and externally. The book I believe, is encoded with its own energy which you will experience when reading it. Ginger is a great story teller, weaving wisdom and her own life experiences within the pages as well.

Mary Beth Kennedy | Certified High- Performance Coach, Masters of Wisdom & Meditation, Advanced Teacher, Energy Healer

The Universal Gravity Code is pure magic. The clever storyline combined with unique soul guidance is a wonderful read for anyone who is on a spiritual journey. The book encourages reflection, introspection, and action. I loved the new world math according to Ginger – eye-opening analogies that align science and soul purpose. I came away feeling expansive, enlightened, and ready to disarm the Gravity Code in my life.

Carolynn Bottino | Author of The Land of Plenty, Founder of Money Empowerment Project, Money Mentor for the Soulpreneur

Virginia has weaved her magic through teaching and healing. She writes in a style that is both warm and whimsical and as I journeyed through the book, I found my soul and worldview changing. The Gravity code helped me to know myself by looking through a lens where I no longer felt unworthy. I came to know myself as a co-creator with the universe and became more mindful of how I get caught up in the drama of my life. I encourage you to read this book, there is much to learn here!

Valerie Forrest, MA Counseling

Whether you are seasoned in the world of conscious awareness or it’s your first time diving deep within, this is book is for you. It’s soulful, mindful, playful, helpful, and hopeful. As Oprah would say…It’s chock -full of aha moments!

Gigi Grose | Creative Extordinaire

I am so grateful this book happened across my path. It has given me a deeper understanding of how gravity/negative thought forms pull us down and more importantly how we can rise above them. We are the creators of our own realities and we can heal ourselves. This book shows you the way. Deeply grateful for this enlightening book. So needed during this dark time on the planet with covid.

Lisa Widder | Ray of Light

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