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The Breeding Ground - Soul Contracts

Disclaimer, I will use the term God in this writing. When I say God, I am referring to the Mother/Father/Creator essence that I experience in the center of my being. This is my higher power, you may insert whatever word you use to describe that essence. Furthermore, I highly suggest that you do not allow yourself to get entangled in the words used to refer to something that has no name, and no earthly way to convey It's essence.


As an intuitive spiritual mentor, I have the immense honor of sitting with my clients while they process life's good and not-so-good events. During these sessions, I have observed that kneejerk response and the ability or inability to process adverse events or what I call grave times directly correlate to the breeding ground of our formative years. The curious aspect of this insight is that a damaging or unhealthy breeding ground does not always equal a negative response to adverse events, and a healthy, uplifting breeding ground does not always produce the ability to process grave times constructively. My curiosity just can't let go of the why of the above thought process. What within us creates the fortitude to withstand grave times? I know many souls who experienced extreme trauma as a child, subjecting them to a lifetime of patterning to circumnavigate these events' adverse energetic, emotional, and spiritual effects. Their day-to-day may be filled with anxiety and depression in anticipation of the next shoe to drop. Yet, when the massive boot falls from the sky in the form of negative life experiences such as a death of a loved one, loss of employment, a pandemic, etc., they seem to navigate these muddy waters with ease and grace. On the other hand, I have watched those I knew to be fortified with immense spiritual wisdom literally lose themselves when grave times fell upon them. And, of course, many experienced a lovely childhood and early adult life, interacting from the viewpoint of all is well, yet are entirely ill-equipped to understand and process grave times. Then, finally, there is the question of how many darts are too many? Some of us can hold the line for multiple grave incidents, but then it is simply too much at some point, and we are knocked down. Processing these scenarios, I am left with the question, what is the internal superpower that sustains some? How can we learn to tap into that power? Are we even meant to sustain, or is this all part of our soul's eternal evolution? I believe the answers reside in the definition and interpretation of grave times. While interacting with my guides, as they supported me with the downloaded information shared in my book, I was led to the profound understanding that "Grave Times" is the gravitational pull of God's essence. It is the means to the awakening of our consciousness and the consciousness of the collective. It is the energetic space where we remember our intrinsic connection to the Divine on a soul and a cellular level and are called home. In our awakening, we are disassociated from our world's external chaos and illusion, returning us to the inter sanctum of God's presence, where we recall that we are one with God and one with all. In this sanctuary resides unconditional Love. Hence, this Agape or God Love can only experience individuals and the external life through the lens of unconditional Love. What does all of that mean? "Grave Times" is our path to a soul-realization or enlightenment. Each of us came here to experience the remembrance, so when we are ready, we call in whatever it will take to crack open the shell to remember who we truly are—exposing the divine memory that I am one with God and God is one with me. I am in God and God is in me. Each time we experience this loving gravitational pull, we uncover or peel back a new layer of illusion. The veil is thick in the 3D experience of planet earth. For some of us, it will take many "Grave Moments" to tear through the fabric of illusions, each experience bringing in new spiritual gifts and understanding. Coming back to the breeding ground, many spiritual teachings state that we have a soul contract and have chosen this lifetime to fulfill that contract. If this is true, our breeding ground sets the stage for the allowance of "Grave Times" to enter our lives as the catalyst of our awakening or fulfillment of this so-called contract. I am, and I know many from dysfunctional families affected by substance abuse and alcoholism. One may ask, why do some emerge from these families as the addict and others as the enabler? I believe this has to do with soul contracts and the path we have chosen to call in the salvation of "Grave Times." Did I just say "the salvation of "Grave Times?" Yes, each of these paths has its immense burden and life-damaging effects. Yet, we choose the way that will awaken us the fastest, even if it is the demise of the human body. I chose the path of enabling, which called in the life experiences that have led me to my current spiritual walk. Each "Grave Time" experience can be considered a leveling up; some have pretty daunting monsters to slay to get to the next level. I find my superpower in the disentangling and disassociation from the world's perspective of a grave event, stepping into Agape Observership of "Grave Times" while extracting the lessons intended for my evolution and the evolution of the collective consciousness. Not always an easy journey, yet ultimately the only way. We came to experience life here; life will always bring death, disease, decay, rebirth, renewal, sprouting, and spreading seeds of both. So often, you can hear me saying, 'life is just doing life." For some, this may feel like a harsh or unloving statement. I believe it is the antithesis; I am choosing (the word choosing is the key here) to see all from the internal/eternal space of Love. Standing in expansive gratitude and Love for each of you, honoring the soul work you perform in every waking moment and with every choice. Just for this moment, may you choose Love over fear until you reach the next moment where you will have the opportunity to choose again. Loving you always, Ginger

Agape Observership

I am one with God and God is one with me.

I am in God and God is in me.


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