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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

A black hole, outer space, the vastness of the universe are all depictions of the void. The quiet space of nothingness. For much of my early life, I was afraid of darkness, solitude, and silence. Today I know it to be the place of grace and conscious connection.

I am back to being obsessed with the notion of silence and darkness as friends or the catalysts to hear the voice of my inner knowing. My conscious connection to what I call God.

During the Holiday Season with all of its hustle-bustle, the end of an election year, a year of civil unrest, and a worldwide pandemic it takes focussed commitment and determination to disconnect from the outer world and to go within. The gifts we receive from embracing the silence and darkness are life-altering and directly affect the collective consciousness. Knowing this to be true, I deliberately set aside time every morning before the sun rises to connect to this space or the void.

What is the void? It is the yummy space of nothingness, It is the zero-point field where all creation begins. We can not know the will of God (our higher self, the universe, the multiverse, the Omniverse, the Creator) if we are unable to disconnect from the chaos, noise, and flashing lights of our outer world.

On this eve of a New Year, I come to you with a little challenge to embrace the silence sometime during the next 24 hours.


This is an invitation to join me in spirit for a moment of deliberate silent connection. Turn off the TV, Radio, Phone, Computer, walk out of the store, pull the car over, etc. slip into the darkest quietest space you can find, and just BE in the stillness of your soul. Connect to All That Is, bow your head and give thanks. Give thanks for the moment, give thanks for the hour, give thanks for the day, give thanks for the week, give thanks for the 52 weeks, give thanks for the year and give thanks for your life path.


Make the promise to yourself right now, that you will find the 5 minutes that this will take and allow yourself the grace of this pure connection.

I remain deeply honored and "OH SO" Grateful for each and every one of you. May the peace and grace of the God of your understanding be with you always,


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