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Go to Your Room - A Pandemic of Fear

A Global “TIME OUT”

… Alright now, alright now, I have had just about enough of this.  I want you all to go to your respective bedrooms for a little time of reflection. I want you to think about your recent behavior and see if you can find a better way to interact with your global family.

This is how my mind’s eye sees our current state of affairs.  A big ‘ol time out for all of humanity.  Some of us will go kicking and screaming to our bedrooms, some will be guilt-ridden with should of and could of and then there will be those of us who relish in the opportunity to pull out our art supplies, dust off some books, clean our space and to basically enjoy a time of self-reflection.  As with everything, we get to choose how we will spend this globally imposed quiet time.

Today I would like to share a portion of a manuscript I wrote. For the past several weeks, this excerpt has been eating away at my heart.  I have been guided to look at a deeper meaning and then share my thoughts with you. To do so has been difficult.

During the year 2018, I began documenting stories, visions, and teachings that I was given in the form of energetic interactions with something beyond this world.  It all started with me uttering the words, “the gravity of it all” and boom the correlations began to come in rapid-fire.

What began as playing with and documenting this information is now a manuscript.  I did not set out to write and publish a book, but divine intervention had its own intention.

While documenting one of my visions, which happens to be a fictional account of a time in the life of Sir Isaac Newton, I was given the number 353 years as a time frame. I didn’t ask for this number; it just came out as I was typing away.  In early 2019, while I was pouring over my notes and trying to put them into a cohesive story format, I decided to calculate how many years it had been since Newton had retired to his mother’s estate due to the plague in 1666. Much to my surprise, it would have been 353 years.  At that time, I took it to be a literary deadline.  I began to push to finish the manuscript, submit it to an editor, and then a publisher by the end of 2019.  I saw or understood no other correlation except for that deadline.  Below I have added the excerpt from the part of the manuscript, where 353 is mentioned.


“Isaac, we are depending on you. Remember “Divine Timing” - the seal of Tau will not be opened again for another 353 years. Please, Isaac, you have to remember….”

“Isaac! Isaac!” Hannah bent over her son, shaking him by the shoulders. “Isaac! Isaac! Wake up, wake up! Are you alright? Are you alright, son?”

Isaac opened his eyes to see his mother’s face. She placed a cool cloth on his forehead. “You must have been hit in the head with a falling apple. Do you remember anything?”

“No, no, not really, just a silly dream about a theory I have been working with. I am fine, Mother, just fine.”

In an instant, Isaac lost all memory of the beings of light, the hidden diaries, and his life purpose; they had all been covered with a thick veil of “not enough” and “unworthiness.” Isaac forgot his Remembering and relented to the tide of the human condition. The extent of his delusional false self would now be the catalyst and birth of the age of the Newtonian Illusion.

In the background, The Universal Gravity Code churned away, undetected by humankind, slowly eating at the core of civilization as a worm eats at the core of an apple."  -The Universal Gravity Code – A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment.


Today I see a different correlation. Our world is currently being faced with a pandemic of fear, which began at the end of 2019.  353 years after my fictional Angel Iahhel warned Isaac that we would be faced once again with the choice to live in this illusional world of fear or to rise above the “gravity” of our human condition and acknowledge our divinity.

The “Newtonian Illusion” of cause and effect is being challenged globally on every level.  What are the spiritual lessons we are being asked to assess?  When I look to the manuscript and embrace the underlying teachings, I am able to see through the illusion of fear and know that the collective consciousness can have a mighty impact, both positive and negative.  I can also choose where my outer information comes from; who and what will I rely on for the information to guide my life?

These are the truths that my visions taught me via the exchanges with Isaac and Iahhel.


“These attributes are a reflection of our shared perfection with The Presence – “As above so below.” The entire multiverse has been called to remember their communion with the Almighty and to return to their innate essence with the guidance of these Rays.”  -The Universal Gravity Code – A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment.

I am the Power of God.

I am the Truth of God.

I am the Love of God.

I am the Purity of God.

I am the Wisdom of God.

I am the Freedom of God.

I am the Peace of God.


In the days of the plague, people felt the immense impact of gravity on their earthly existence. The fear of the unknown and the impact the dis-ease had on everyday life and commerce was terrifying, to say the least. Those were grave times indeed. Now 354 years later, we are being faced with the same scenario but with a few upgrades. The differences are, we have modern medicine, and facilities to support us, we have door-to-door delivery on almost any product we can think of, and we have the rapid dissemination of information, both negative and positive, true and untrue.  But, as a race, our vision, our connection, and our interconnectedness have diminished.  For most of humanity, faith in a higher power is no longer a driving force in our daily lives. This fact will directly impact how we weather our current plague of fear.

This is where the "Time Out" comes into play.  My suggestion is to use this time of cancelations, quarantines, and closures as a time of self-reflection.  Use one of the above aspects of God (Higher Power) to guide your day.  Start with one that feels the most comfortable, like “I am the Peace of God.” How many ways can you embody the peace of God?  What mantra can you create for yourself to support your reflection?  Is there an art piece you could create? A poem you could write?  How about the words you use during the day.  Can you find words of peace to describe our current global situation?  You get the picture.  Try it, see if you can alter and raise your vibration, which intern alters and raises the collective vibration.

Let’s do this Time Out thing together in the most positive manner possible.  We are one, and we are becoming acutely aware of this.  Let’s capitalize on this moment of reflection in this present moment.

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