Award Winning Author of the best-selling book The Universal Gravity Code- A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment, contributing author to 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal, and many more.

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Author, Master Energy Healer and Intuitive

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Powerful guided meditations to complement your journey through the Universal Gravity Code. Click below to see your other options.

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"Amazing Personal Transformation. Imagine if the entire world understood the theories contained in The Universal Gravity Code and practiced disarming the gravity code daily."

Marianne Brandt, RN Cardiology


"Subliminal encodings throughout this book - The Universal Gravity Code. Ears buzzing, body tingles. I felt like I was inside the book - inside the words - eating it up like a hungry caterpiller."

Lisa Seyring, Energy Healer

 "The Universal Gravity Code - I loved the blend of science/spirituality and story telling. It kept all areas of my brain firing and engaged!"

Kimberly Robbins, Entrepreneur