The Universal Gravity Code - A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment

****Release Date 12/08/2020****


AH the “Gravity” of it all!


A normal everyday discussion with my husband planted the seed for this book. I don’t recall exactly what we were talking about, but I do remember saying in a sarcastic tone, “Ah, the gravity of it ALL.” In that moment I felt the correlation between the Earth’s gravitational pull and the gravitational pull of our morose thoughts. This realization came with an extreme rush of “Eureka!” which permeated every cell in my body. I instinctively knew that THIS WAS BIG!


Now we are, in the midst of the most significant global awakening ever known to man.


As for the challenges we are facing now, well, this is gravity, folks. God is gravity! Not in the sense of punishment, but in the spirit of the gentle, kind demonstration that regardless of external circumstances, we are Love.


Possibility** Knowing** Releasing** Freedom


This is the pattern of life and of this book. We begin our journey with the exploration of the possibility of the existence of the Universal Gravity Code. We then move into the Knowing of the manifestation of this gravitational code. Then we can release the bondage to the illusion, and finally, dance in the freedom of weightlessness.



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The Universal Gravity Code - A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment

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  • A Step by Step Guide to Self Actualization

    152 Pages Packed Full of Transformational Truths


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