Reflections of A Course in Miracles Card Deck

38 Superior Quality Large Cards, enclosed in a royal blue velvet, drawstring bag.


My decision to create this deck using the imagery was easy. The images came through my essence with a divine flow and were ready to be shared. However, the “how-to” share these creations was met with my egoic resistance.


When I finally let go, I found myself blessed with the reemergence into “A Course in Miracles” lessons. As I read and listened to musical renditions of the lessons, I wrote down my thoughts and how the lessons influence my life and my worldly perspective.


There are 365 lessons in “The Course;” you will find 38 random lessons in this card deck. I say random because the lessons chose me; I did not select them.


The words from the writings of “A Course in Miracles” influence the words contained in my reflections; some statements are verbatim, while most are an interpretation of my current Knowing of their meaning.


I believe that “A Course in Miracles” is fluid and ever-changing like flowing water. Each time I read a passage, my understanding shifts, and I am blessed with a new perspective.


3.5"x5.75" (89×146mm) (40 cards)

Card stock: Standard Smooth
Card finishing: game card finish
Packaging: Shrink-wrapped

Reflections of A Course in Miracles Card Deck