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"A Simple Meditation "An Unguided Journey MP3

A Simple Meditation

A Soothing Connection to Your Higher Power.


When you step into the vortex, quantum field, void, or the space of Source Energy, with no agenda except to feel the deep loving stillness of your Creator, you become One with All. In this space of unconditional love, you encounter the collapse of time and space and the expansiveness of the Inner-verse. When you let go of the need to control and relinquish to simply BE in the essence and power of your Higher Power's unconditional love, you find that there is no need to want for anything. You find yourself in a state of awe and wonder, allowing Love to flow as Love will, knowing that All is Well.


To be used on a daily basis to connect to the unconditional love of self.


Approximately  15 minute duration

Copyright © 2020 Virginia Adams Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserveed.

Audio Editing by Gigi Grose



"A Simple Meditation "An Unguided Journey MP3

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