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True Identity Theft - Hatefield vs. McPlayincoy

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Ah, oh her goes my wild imagination again.

Down through history, there has been family feuding. Some more famous than others. In all cases, as the years run on, the intensity and depth of the anger, separation, and hostility expand. A curious aspect of these feuds is the seeming ability to pass the horror of these emotions down through the lineage. Almost as if the DNA of each family is encoded with the hate for another group.

I have to ask myself, does the sweet pea baby Hatefield actually come out of his/her mother's womb instinctively hating his/her counterpart, the sweet pea being born to the McPlayincoy? Or … is it what the adults feed their sweet peas? As each suckle from their mother's teat, are they consuming soured milk? Is their first bite of solid food contaminated with indignation, condemnation, and allegations? As they grow older and are sent off to school, do they pack a lunch full of judgment, bullying, torment? And what the hell is Pa growing out in the fields? It smells like doom and gloom to me.

When we are blinded by this world's hateful illusions and continue to consume what we are being fed without question, we create a world of woe. We create a world of "Grave Times."

As in the case of the sweet peas depicted above, we are robbed of our authentic identity and our innocence. Each of us is created in the omnipotence of our creator; we are perfect, pure, and EXTRAORDINARY! We are Love.

Who or What have you allowed to steal your authentic identity? What little "i am" has stolen your magnificent "I AM"? You are not your body, your gender, your relationship status, your political stance, your employment, your mask-no mask, your health, your vaccination status, your judgment, or your hate. Those are things you have. They are not who you are. Do not let the little "i am"s place a veil over your true essence, one of LOVE. You, my love, are ONE with GOD.

I Am the light of the world.

As Always,

I am Loving you with the entirety of my heart


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