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The Path of Least Resistance

-The intention of this blog is to explore the energetic vibration of the word GOAL while embarking on the path of least resistance.

-The goal of this blog is to get the reader to see my point of view.

Above are two ways to state what I have set out to do as I begin typing out the thoughts rumbling through my mind. The first entry comes from a space of flow and divine ease. The second is more forceful and dogmatic. When I "feel into" or observe each of those statements' energetic output, it is crystal clear to me that each has a very different vibration. But, that's "Ginger" talk, as my friends would say. Let's see if I can paint you a word picture of what I mean. But first, let's read a short excerpt from my book; I believe this entry is an excellent way to begin.

"Just as thoughts have a vibrational component, so do words. In the Christian tradition, they refer to Jesus as being the Word of God. The way that my Knowing understands this is that Jesus, and other Ascended Masters, are avatars or expressions of God.
As I mentioned earlier, words can have a negative or positive energetic charge, or pull, to them. It is essential to understand the baggage or weight you are subscribing to a word or a group of words." - The Universal Gravity Code, A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment

As 2021 unfolded and many of my friends, clients, and colleagues began talking or writing about their GOALS for this year, I noticed that I felt significant resistance to the word GOAL. This resistance prompted me to explore why. What came into focus was that I have always shied away from goals and anything that pushed the concept of goal setting. I knew this about myself but never dug deep enough to figure out why. Then, during the third week of January, I was faced with four different clients tearfully imparting their frustration and pain to me over their failure to reach self and group-imposed goals. Being deeply moved by all of the hurt, self-injury, and depression over the concept of that one word, I brought the idea of goal setting to my prayer and contemplation. For several days I laid this burden before the feet of my higher self and my higher power. I will now share with you what has been given to me.

The word "Goal" and the energy around it feels very dense, and it has a pushback to it. Goals are about human willpower and are created with the egoic mind, neither bad nor good. Goals are us trying to control the outcome, and they come from a space of cause and effect. Self-injury and hurt may be experienced because egoic goals do not leave any wiggle room for divine intervention. The sheer rigidity of the concept pushes out divine creative flow. When goals are set from the egoic state, they are based on outside influences and our faulty encoding. These influences have been embedded into our psyche via life experiences, religious, social, and educational encoding and manifest in life loop patterns. These are what I call Gravity Codes. An essential notion in the Gravity Code's loops or distortion patterns is that they are found both in a single consciousness and the collective consciousness of a group. The mob mentality is a perfect example of a loop in the collective consciousness; others include racism, poverty, or fear of punishment. Goals set from a place of anosognosia impose a substantial barrier and keep you in a perpetual Gravity Code and its manifestation as a life loop or pattern, ultimately bringing in more of the same distortion. Hence the tearful encounters I had with my clients; even though they were obtaining or making strides towards their goals, the feelings of depression, self-condemnation, and overwhelm had engulfed them. Simply stated, they were out of alignment with their soul's mission.

"True goals don't come from outside programming, true goals come from within."- Jose Silva

When I interchange the word "Intention" for the word goal, I sense a softening of the energy, there is no pushback, and the energy feels "flowy" and malleable. Intentions invite in God (Higher Power, Creator) energy and surrender all outcomes to that energy. Knowing that all outcomes are Divinely Inspired and for our highest good, we leave a wide-open space for variances, and we find the path of least resistance.

"Surrendering implies choice. The choice to surrender to "unconditional love of self" and to take even the smallest of action to participate in self-care begins the unraveling, decoding, disengaging, and disruption of the Gravity Code. In the act of Surrendering, you are blindly turning over your next best step and the outcome to the expression of Love. I once heard someone say, "Faith is Freedom and Freedom is Faith." Again, this is an oxymoron – letting go of the reins gives you the control." – The Universal Gravity Code, A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment

Using intuition and retrospection while setting an intention will guide us to become aware of what is truly aligned with our life path and soul's mission. Each of us has an internal GPS at our disposal. Within this system are our intuitive impulses, understanding why we are here, and what experiences our soul is seeking to have. This GPS will point us in the correct direction, the path we need to move on to allow our intentions to manifest in the outer world for our best and highest interest. There are absolutely no strong-armed muscle, goal pushing accomplishments in this space; it is a space of squishy soft, intentional allowing; marshmallow style.


Goals say "I ACCOMPLISH" - Intentions say "I ALLOW"


Here is a hypothetical example: Johnny DoeEyed has set acceptance to Yale University as his life's primary goal (or was this goal imposed on him). His grandfather and father attended, and now it is his turn to achieve this trophy. Everything in his outer world was pushing for this goal. For as long as he could remember, everything he has done academically, socially, and athletically has been pushing towards the day that he would be accepted into the halls of Yale. No one, not even himself (or so he told himself), cared what he would study, who he would become, or what he would do with these studies. The only thing that existed was the intense goal of attending this prestigious school. And by God, he had obtained it by receiving the letter of acceptance in the mail.

Johnny was struck by the lack of excitement he felt as he opened and read the letter. This moment was supposed to be the panicle of his young existence; instead of tears of joy running down his cheeks, he had the sting of regret pulsating through his veins. Once he received the letter, he hoped that the mysterious sensation of being lost or disconnected that plagued his life would disappear. But instead of disappearing, the sense was amplified one hundredfold. Then the thoughts of sunny California came flowing back in. What was it about that place? Why did he feel free and easy when he was there? He could never quite put his finger on it, but something in him said that he was home in that foreign place...

The course of study that young Johnny had chosen would be better suited for Stanford, but there was no detouring from his goal. Connecticut's climate might not be the best for his allergies, but if his father survived, so could he. The soulmate who would beautifully complement his life lives in sunny California and will be attending Stanford in the fall. Johnny will not meet her until much later in life when both have committed themselves to others. The potential business partner, attending a graduate program at Stanford, who would have supported Dear John, will partner with another in rocketing his invention into the world.

John will never know this other path, the path of least resistance. He will be too busy surviving the road of hard knocks to arrive at his final destination. But dammit all to hell, he met his Goal!

The point being made is that we "will" arrive one way or another; the choice is, will we relinquish our will and intentions to the voice of Love or will we push push push our goal-driven agenda until we have no choice but to surrender? As always, the choice is ours.

Be gentle with yourself, listen to the yearnings of your soul. Find peace within the non-action and listen, listen for the gentle voice of your higher self who knows exactly what you came here to do.

May the grace of God be with you always,


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