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The Garden of Life - Divine Chaos

In deep meditation today, I was shown … We have evolved into a species that likes to tend to our gardens privately and publicly. We want our landscapes pruned and manicured, tidy and logical, everything in order. So hedges are placed and kept to create a barrier, lawns are clipped, edged, and fertilized to perfection, gardens are aligned and weeded, and flowers are planted in a row. My guides showed me gardens in England, meticulously tended to, every rose bush pruned with no sign of deadheads. All stunning yet controlled environments. We find beauty in these gardens; we go to these gardens finding solace, peace, and a place to contemplate and meditate. We create these spaces to experience nature. Yet, true nature, authentic nature, the way God created the gardens of life are chaotic. Life is chaotic! There is death, new birth, and overgrown areas. For example, the forest is a big 'ol mess, though oh so lovely in its chaos, and we are drawn to it for divine connection and healing. The banks of a rapidly moving stream are jagged, rocky, and chaotic as the cleansing waters rush by. The coastlines and their seas are chaotic and unpredictable yet powerfully soothing. We see Divine Chaos in all of nature, the jungles, the desert, the mountain ranges, and the tundra, each containing its healing and divinity. As I was shown this, I thought, ah, this is life, this is healing, this is surrendering - Divine Chaos We can not prune or tend to what is intended to be free flow. We can not weed out death, we can not weed out hurt, disappointment, disillusionment; we can not do it, it's there, it's all part of life. That's life; its nature; it is part of the beautiful circle of life or how this particular plane has been created. So our pain, our real pain, comes from the strive to disallow life to be what life is, chaotic and messy. When we are in resistance to the flow of life, we find pain, discomfort, and blockages. This does not mean we do not feel the pain or that death does not hurt. Likewise, it does not mean that illness and physical, mental, and emotional ailments in ourselves or loved ones do not cause pain and sorrow. It is all to be felt and seen, but one must be careful not to resist it because it is part of life's flow. Life has been a great teacher; my resistance towards many things has softened as I get older. The loss of loved ones, sister, mother, father, marriage, and jobs have all been great teachers that Life is Life; it is chaotic and messy. We can not prune it; we can not weed out death or pain. We can try, but we will wear ourselves down to the bone. But, most importantly, if we try to prune or rid ourselves of the chaos, we will miss out on something; we will actually miss out on the beauty and divinity of the mess. - Divine Chaos So, if I went into the forest looking at all of the fallen limbs, dead leaves and vines, overgrown foliage, and weeds proclaiming that this place is just a mess. Then, summoning all of my strength, I began clearing, decluttering, and hauling away anything that seemed out of order or could cause me potential discomfort—removing bags and bags of leaves, weeds, and overgrown foliage. Determining that this and that limb is out of place, pruning and dragging away any fallen limbs to clear the space of chaos. My goal is to clear away any obstacle that may trip me up when I return to enjoy the forest, oblivious that my actions would ultimately destroy the carefully orchestrated ecosystem that the forest has set up to procreate and to be in the flow of life. These protective actions and my misdirected quest to create order will potentially rob me of the divine attributes of chaos. I will miss out on the unkempt forest's God-given beauty and healing properties. So what I was shown by my guides today is that by trying to rid my reality of discomfort in this present moment, I bypass the healing and divinity of the chaos. It is not for me to clean it up. It is for me to be very present to it, see it, feel it, experience it, and allow whatever this brings up in me to flow simply in the beautiful current of life. Behold, Divine Chaos - the garden of life is delightfully messy and full of unseen magic.

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