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The Bridge to Holy Wholeness

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

"God created a circle of light and love so vast, no one can stand outside of it.” - Carlos Santana

Ok, confession time, I haven’t been writing much lately. It almost seems that the channel has been choked off to a slow trickle. The ideas for a post come to me and they seem to float off into oblivion. I guess it is just another manifestation of the timelessness of this present moment. My need for quiet and solitude has expanded with the quirky side effect of yearning to be with people. The deep expanse between the two sides of personality feels wider yet a beautiful suspension bridge has been strung to connect the two seemingly opposing rims. Makes me think of the Grand Canyon, it doesn’t matter if you are standing on the North Rim or the South Rim, you are still gazing over the totality of the Grand Canyon. As I was listening to a few short clips from Panache Desai today, I heard the perfect description of what I seem to be experiencing. Among all of his beautiful words were these gems. “Duality ends when you recognize that the ego and soul are the same things.” Wait, what! Isn’t the ego described as the false personality or our shadow self? Ha, you gotta love the simple truth placed before us as a dichotomy.


We are holy whole when we accept and love ALL aspects of ourselves. I am embracing the angry, the frustrated, the wounded, and the sassy me, while I expand the loving, kind, and patient me. Ahhh this feels so good, so healing. I get to be me, authentic in all ways; the marriage of Light n Love to Gloom n Doom. Take that in for a moment. How does that


For the past month or so I have been asking myself during my morning quiet time “What is the end game?” for me and for society as a whole. What came to mind is a long list of “ATE” words. It goes a little something like this: As we, the human, create, communicate, contemplate, situate, celebrate, consummate, accumulate, estimate, manipulate, investigate, dominate, postulate, and capitulate, what is our end game? Do we want wealth, notoriety, security, recognition, love, salvation or are we simply surviving the ride of the House of Horrors? Back when video games became a ‘thing”, I was engrossed with the puzzle of how to get to the end. The thrill of mastery of each level was sooooo fun. But when I finally found the key, killed the last boss, or found the way out, the balloons would fall and the rockets would explode with “GAME OVER” I was not thrilled. I realized I didn’t really want to win or for the game to end. I liked the quest. I have to ask myself if this concept of liking the quest more than the actual win is my modus operandi. Is this our innate human tendency? What my current understanding has me accepting, is that there is NO END GAME. We are here to experience life, to embrace the valleys and the peaks, the good and the bad but to do so without judgment; without categorizing each experience into one side or the other. We experience the wholeness of self when we see the entire game of life as a beautiful experience and a means to REMEMBER who we truly are. We are Love and we are loved. – The beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. We are the Alpha and the Omega. As I embrace the dichotomy of self, loving all aspects, I am able to look upon our world and to see that truly we are ONE. Do you want to understand and experience the concept of ONENESS? Take a trip across the suspension bridge of your soul and love every single thing that you see just as it is. Watch your step and be careful, there might be a couple of loose planks, easy as you go. When you look up I bet your perception will be expanded to see ALL as ONE. I am loving you with all of my heart, Ginger

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