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Life Flow Energy

My Ponderings continued:

From my downward gazing perspective, it seems that my world has been turned upside down. The phrase "Vis Viva" or "Life Force Energy" that I wrote about in my book now feels wrong or the wrong words to describe the beautiful essence of life. As I am being "forced" by my current circumstances to endure this chair, I want to diminish the idea of forcing anything. I don't want that word associated with the energy of my decisions, my life, my connection to divinity, my path to wholeness of being.

"I believe that Life Force Energy is a combination of all energy, which was the theory presented by Leibniz when he spoke of Vis Viva or Living Force. However, whereas he was referring to kinetic energy, I believe the term Living Force is a description of the BioField. The concept of an energy force, or field of energy, that produces life was embraced by ancient civilizations, and many cultures who call it various names such as prana or qi. Modern scientists have confirmed the existence of an energy – which they call the BioField – surrounding living organisms, and from what I gather many of them are busy theorizing how it is formed, be it from electromagnetic fields, a quantum vacuum, or a zero-point field.
The way I understand it, Life Force Energy is the intelligent energy from God the Creator to Creation. It connects us to everything in existence, and without it, there is no existence. It is detectable, palpable, and malleable. Another way to look at it or refer to it is the Unified Field of Intelligence. It is our essence, and it is God's essence."- The Universal Gravity Code, A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment

Trying to settle my thoughts, I listen for more guidance. The first thing that pops in is defiance; what a sh**y phrase for my muse to challenge me with at this particular moment. The last thing I need is to feel any more frustrated or angry. So, again, I attempt to settle in, do what I know to do; let the information flow, and let the thoughts, feelings, and visions flow through.

I begin to wonder if the English translation of Vis Viva, Qi, or Prana has been wrongly translated or has my understanding evolved. So I ask "god google" for the exact translation for Qi.

Qi is frequently translated as "life energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. The literal translation of "qi" is "breath", "air", or "gas". –

Ah, these are some terms that feel comforting and healing: life energy, energy flow. Breath of Life makes me think of the Christian concept of our soul.

The Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature. Genesis 2:7

When it comes to living a sovereign aligned life, a life of peace, void of the illusion of duality it is imperative for me not to force anything. I find my divine essence and connection with Source Energy when I am in a flowy state of being.

I am in complete understanding that this concept of being in flow is often contrary to the norm of the outer world. The Newtonian Illusion, which I wrote about in my book, is one of cause and effect. If I do this, I will obtain (force an outcome) that. Forced results may have the illusion of pushing through barriers and conquering. But I have come to know that any forced energy has an equal push back. So we may gain what was forced into being, but the backlash will always get us. Better said, we become out of alignment with Divine Providence. If we just simply let go, let go, let go, life and all of its miraculous outcomes will play out in due time.

Today's ponderings have lead me to a new understanding of what I believe to be God breathing through me, the Breath of Life. It is the beautiful flowy space of allowing, and it is me allowing creation to flow through me. It is Life Flow Energy.

The most potent notion to all of this is that there are NO wrong choices and NO wrong outcomes. Some just have longer detours or more profound lessons in our walk here in this time-space reality. But in the end, we all make it to the Grand Celebration.

As I feel into these words, my soul is comforted. My body is still screaming in rebellion, but for now, I have found peace of mind. Tomorrow my angel of mercy will be here to offer my body some needed relief. Thank God I listened to my inner urges and booked a session with sweet Sharon. Learning to care for my physical needs has been a lifelong journey. Oh, I understand that thought is a nudge for my next pondering—the journey of self-care.

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Fear Orchestrated Results Enforced

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