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It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature - It's Always About the Magic Part II

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

STOP ... If you did not read Part I of this story please click the button below, which will lead you to that post. This blog contains part II and I will be referencing the first part. ENJOY

Say to this mountain ... I've been lying here for some time staring at the sleeping man I now call husband. Funny how absolutely nothing had changed, but everything had changed. Same bed, same room, same house, same street, same town, but now there was a little slip of paper somewhere in our home stating that everything had changed. And a few pictures to prove it. I gaze up at the clock to see if the power has come back on. Last night, just as we were settling in to watch "our show," a nasty storm came through our town, and the power had gone out. The clock is still off, and my curiosity about the state of our neighborhood grabbed my attention. It was too dark to see what had happened last night, but for some reason, there were men out doing house-to-house checks to see if we were alright. We disregarded them; being exhausted from the wedding and family get-togethers of the past two days, we took advantage of the no power as an excuse and headed to bed early. Here in the Midwest, we are used to the occasional need to go to the basement. Last night's storm was pretty intense, so we spent a few moments down there. I think I saw my neighbor's tree go down; now I wanted to get up and go check things out in the predawn light. The vista outside my front door was mind-boggling. Our street is impassable; there are trees down everywhere. I yell out to Mark, "I think we were hit by a tornado last night." Donning his whitey tighties, he stands beside me, staring out the front door in a state of disbelief. How did we miss all the commotion? As soon as our heads hit the pillow, we had fallen asleep, oblivious to the devastation in our neighborhood. We both quickly get dressed and go out to survey our yard, house, and then the rest of our street. It sure looked like a tornado had hit. I have never seen that many downed trees, overhead wires, and debris was strewn all over. What I find incredible is that our house and yard are not touched, nothing! In front and the back, the properties on either side had damage, but we were unscathed. I wondered how that is even possible. I notice that our neighbor to the south has a tree through the roof of their garage, the street to our north is impassible, and our road is impassable as far as you can see. We decide to make our way to the street behind us; we find the same disarray. Mark encounters a man who seems to be surveying the area, taking photos and measurements of the twisted tree trunks. He tells Mark that it looks like at least an F1 Tornado had hit our neighborhood. He also tells him that there was damage in Grayslake's other areas. Grayslake is the name of the town where we live. It's time to start making calls. Mark calls his daughter Angelica, and I call mine. Angelica lives on the other side of Grayslake, and my daughter Christina lives in a town to the northwest of us. Both households were fine, neither had sustained any damage to their property. Miraculously we all came through the Tornado unscathed. Others could not say the same. There was a lot of damage to personal property, and the cleanup and repair would take a while. We came to know this; On August 2, 2015, starting around 8:38 pm, an F1 Tornado with sustaining winds of over 100 miles per hour tore a 7.5-mile long trail in Northern Lake County, IL.; thankfully, there were no personal injuries reported. The Tornado started near Christina's home and cut a connecting line to Angelica's and our home. It somehow jumped over their homes and our home. Each of us sustained zero damage while the properties surrounding us were damaged. My mind works a little distorted at times, and my first thought was that somehow I caused this to happen. I had a negative tape running in the background stating, "You were messing around with the weather and look at what you did," with the seventies commercial playing over and over in my imagination. "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" Somehow I just knew that this had something to do with my reoccurring tornado dreams. As a young girl and in adulthood, I have dreamt of tornados. Come to think of it, that was an unusual dream to have for a child growing up in Utah, not very relatable. These vivid dreams were always about me seeing the Tornado coming and me being able to change the circumstances so that I wasn't hurt. Once, as a very young child, I saw the mountain peaks on the Salt Lake Valley's east side be torn off and moved in one of my tornado dreams. Hmmm, moving mountains, where have I heard that before? The tornado dreams always came with a rush of impending doom followed by the elation of triumph. It has taken me five and a half years to wrap my head around the life lessons bestowed through those 2015 events. I have played the visual tape of the purple haze portal of the wedding day, ending with the Tornado just two days later, over and over again. What did it all mean? Here are a few notions that I hold true to:


-It's never about the outcome because we have the power to change outcomes. "Say to this mountain …" -Storms clear the air, replenish the ground, brighten the colors and leave the most magnificent fragrance. -Spirit spreads a trail of breadcrumbs; it is our job to make them into loaves of bread. -One yes always leads to a million other yeses; it is never a linear path. -Within you resides the orenda of the cosmos; you get to choose how to wield that power.


On July 31, 2015, a Purple Haze Portal opened for me, tearing a hole in the veil of illusion, altering ancestral patterns and encodings, and ultimately changing my life's trajectory and the trajectory of many who were there. The Crone cosmically accepted her place in creation as a "perfect, holy and powerful being." Though the human side continues to be in the acceptance mode, my soul was ready to rock n roll in a new way. Why and how did it open? I have a few ideas, but ultimately it is because I was ready and had unknowingly asked for MORE, much MORE. I had prepared myself for a new life course through my daily practices. I had implemented the study of A Course In Miracles in my life. I had embraced the healing aspects of the Twin Heart Meditation and did it daily. I had completed a course of study in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Most importantly, I had begun to notice, embrace, delight, and follow (without question) the breadcrumbs being laid down for me by the All That Is. Fundamentally, I was ready to let go of all that I thought I knew, and I had begun to say YES physically, mentally, and spiritually. Those yeses lead me to the next chapter. In November of that same year, I received my first Reconnective Healing. That single healing moment sent me on a beautiful journey of inner healing and self-discovery. During that journey, I accepted the healer within. During that time frame, I energetically pushed out my career as a Medical Practice Administrator in western medicine. What do I mean, "energetically pushed"? Well, first, I found myself saying out of nowhere that I was resigning from a position in a practice that I loved. My exact words were, "I can no longer do this." I didn't have a clue what that meant or where I was heading, but I had become the humble servant to my inner knowing, and it was saying, "it's time to move on." The "I can't do this anymore" theme continued to show up when I stepped out of alignment with my new trajectory. That theme continues to permeate every relationship, habit, interest, and limiting belief. The old constraints of I am not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, talented enough began to dissolve. It has taken these years of reflection to see that moment in 2015 for what it was or continues to be. For the longest time, I couldn't correlate the wielding of perfect wedding weather with the force of the Tornado, but now I think I can make a loaf of bread from all of these bread crumbs. When we decide to acknowledge, accept and interact with our divinity and the innate power within, we open a gateway for the cosmic intelligence to blow through our lives with immense force. At first, the power may look and feel frightening and possibly destructive, but it has come to tear down the veil of illusion, to move mountains, and to open our hearts and minds to a new world order where all share in perfect, holy oneness. This force comes to wake us up from the dream of illusions. The very premise of my book The Universal Gravity Code is that what we humanly perceive as "Grave Times" is our souls calling in God to alter our perception and to tear down the veil of illusion. To lead us to the remembrance of who we are, to rise above the 3D lens, and to experience the magic that permeates every aspect of our existence. We are powerful beings, and we are love incarnate. Many of my clients ask me how to decipher if it is God (the higher power of their understanding) who is leaving the breadcrumbs, or if it is their ego. I struggle to answer this question because what I have come to know is that questions silence the intuitive voice from within. Faith is deaf, dumb, and blind while being expansive and all-knowing. So I don't have the answer because I no longer ask those kinds of questions. I now say you will Know when you Know. The process is like building muscle; you have to flex it to become stronger. Start with baby steps, acknowledge a teeny tiny breadcrumb. Delight in its discovery and synchronicities, then say Yes, and move forward in gratitude. Now, wait for the next breadcrumb, being open to any means of communication.

Storms, Tornados, and Gravetimes are simply an alarm clock, roll over, stretch your arms and legs and prepare for flight.


In deep gratitude, I honor our "Blond Shaman", friend and wedding officiant Christine Moses of Featherheart Holistic Paths. She gently watches as my wings unfurl


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