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It's Just A Dream

I had the craziest dream last night; it has left me pondering the meaning. So I decided to start writing about it, allowing the essence to flow through my writing process. I find myself in a command center of some sort. Much movement and discussion are going on. A sense of urgency permeates the room. I hear someone yell at another, "they are out there fighting for our existence. We need to do what is necessary NOW!" Sensing a need to see what was "out there," I walked over to a door. The door looks like one you would find in a submarine or ship. You know, the kind that has a wheel to crank to unlatch the door to open it. Armed guards are blocking the door, and I ask them to open it and let me out. They do not react to my request as they stand in stoic attention. I firmly ask them again to let me out, but still no response. A man walks over and asks me why I want out and what I thought I would do out there. He then reminded me that my service was here, not there. I tell him that if "they" are fighting out there for our existence, we should be out there fighting with them. Then I yell out, saying, "I want to see what is happening out there; I want to see it now!" The man directs the guards to open the door. Slowly, cranking the wheel, the guard abides by the man's request and opens the door to an incomprehensible scene! I see an ocean of people fighting in a swirl of blood and body parts. There are screams, groans, and wailing so loud that it pierces my ears. A sense of helplessness washes over me, and the shocking scene paralyzes me; not wanting to see the horror, I squeeze my eyes close. Crying, I ask, "what is happening out there? Why didn't I know? We need to do something now, or is it too late!" The guard closes the door. I then realized that I am in a protective capsule, and this is a "War Room!" I am asking anyone who will listen to me why we are in here safe and sound while others are out "there" fighting for our existence. The hypocrisy is too much for me to take. Then the voice speaks … From an unknown source, a gentle yet booming voice answers my pleas to understand. "One must remember that we have chosen our place during these times. Each individual has a purpose to fulfill. Knowing that neither is right nor wrong, you have opted to be here, in the protection of the interior room. The work you do here will change the outcome in the outer existence." Now awake and sipping tea at my desk, I read today's ACIM lesson:


I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

-ACIM Lesson 160


I sense that this dream has much to do with this lesson. Long ago, I discovered that my "home," my safe place resides within me, in communion with The Source of All. When I spend too much time engrossed in worldly dilemmas and involved in the plight of human suffering, I allow fear to enter into my existence. Finding, experiencing, and sharing Peace, Love, Joy, and Heaven on earth is an inside job even when I may feel that I am shutting out those suffering for their cause. I can not effectively help anyone or anything out there; I can only affect change in the world from the space of my inner sanctuary. For the past month, I have allowed several situations to place me in the space of dis-ease, having my buttons pushed and allowing old co-dependent patterns to emerge. The sense that I needed to DO what was necessary NOW was a big part of the uncomfortable space. My want/need to control and fix was running amuck. What's interesting to me is I am aware of my buttons and what can possibly send me back into old patterns. Yet I allowed them to be pushed and the so-called injuries to unfold. I forgot that my peace, joy, and the solution to all are found in the silence and comfort of my inner sanctuary. I believe the dream was a beautiful reminder from beyond that when I open the door and allow others' turmoil, injuries, and inner battles to affect my home, I am allowing the stranger of fear to enter, turning my attention away from my purpose. As I close, I am full of Love and gratitude for my ability to recognize my patterns and return to my inner sanctuary and God's gentle embrace. Yesterday I was moved to write these words as I awakened from my morning meditation. Somehow I think they belong at the end of this post.



Does the word "God" bring up feelings of exclusion or dominance? Something to examine... If you were to interject another word such as Spirit, Universe, Love, or Divine Energy, would the above image feel more comfortable? Easier to digest? Embracing the concept that you are the architect of your reality takes on a whole new meaning when you examine your relationship to words and their imposed meaning. The words I Am in God and God is In Me lead me to the following phrase ... I Am God and God Is Me! How does that make you feel? For some, that statement is pure blasphemy and leads to the denial of their Divinity and the Divine Gifts which have been bestowed on every Being. An area to explore may be that words, the vibrational meaning we have subscribed to through our encodings, and life traumas may be inhibiting the full expression of our Divine Gifts. Just for a moment, breathe into the idea that you have been given EVERYTHING that you could ever need or want by the Divine Energy which brought you into existence. There is nothing more that you need. No words can stand in the way unless we allow them to. We are the masters of our projectors and the projections we use to color our world. Today I will celebrate that Love and all its Divine attributes reside in ME!

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