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Divine Providence - The Story of the Book

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

So much is swirling in my head right now that I find it hard to sit down to write this blog, but it wants to be written. As with most of my writing, the words, thoughts, and ideas will not relinquish until they have been spewed out onto the page.

You may or may not have heard that I am finally about to launch my book out into the world. This juncture is by far the most humbling moment of my life. The best way to describe what I am feeling is to say that I feel like I am standing butt naked in Time Square on top of the New Year’s Eve countdown ball at the stroke of midnight, ten, nine, eight, seven …

There is finally nothing left to do except release IT into the world and allow IT to create whatever IT has come to planet earth to do. I, the humble servant, have done my utmost to usher IT in; I now gently step aside and launch her into infinity and beyond.

There have been so many moments I could have thrown in the towel and given up on the notion that I could write what had been given to me, but something or someone would not let me stop. Through this 30+ month process, I have had to face all of my deep-seated negative encodings, the demons in my head. In my mind’s eye, I had to, once again, listen to my high school English teacher accuse me of plagiarism. He couldn’t say from where I had stolen the words, but “he was sure that something that good did not come from me.” Or the time when my Religious Ed teacher returned a paper I had written on women of different cultures, now covered in red ink, saying, “honey, your thoughts are very good, but there are so many typos and/or misspellings I could hardly get through it.” These voices, along with the voices of all the professors, employers, and coworkers who have taunted me over the years about my inability to spell or have a handle on sentence structure, tried hard to make me stop. Yet I pushed on.

With great effort, I submitted a book proposal to a publishing company in November of 2019. A friend who happens to be an editor supported me in this endeavor. The package was a strong argument, and for many reasons, including messages from beyond, I was convinced that this company would publish my book. Yet, around this time last year, I received an email stating that “they were not interested in pursuing my book at this time.” You can imagine how that felt!

Still, I didn’t let that stop me. In February 2020, I proceeded to take a Publish YOU Master Class with that same publishing company, and I was able to pitch my proposal via zoom. This bold move demonstrated to me that I was passionate about my book’s content and that no one would hold me back.

After licking my wounds for another month, and a powerful conversation with my niece, I jump on the self-publishing bandwagon. I had to come to terms with the idea that I would have to do the HARD work if I was going to get this book into people’s hands, minds, and spirit. Next were the funds to pursue this avenue.

I had imagined someone handing me a check to publish the book, and now I had to figure out where I was going to get the money to hire the help I needed to self-publish. This is where a handful of angels stepped in and purchased a package deal way before the package was in this realm. I am eternally grateful to those who showed me the grace of faith.

I powered through the editing process. When I saw the first corrections draft with ALL of its red ink, OH, BOY, I about fainted. It took me a few weeks to reopen the document. Even though I knew that all edited copies come back this way, I couldn’t move past the “I am Not Enough” loop on repeat in my head. My saving grace was the voice of my muse, telling me, “You Already Have Everything You Need,” so I forged ahead.

Then the pandemic and civil unrest hit, and “Grave Times” surrounded our country and our world. During these sheltered moments, I began to understand all of the delays, hurdles, and setbacks. This book had always intended to be published in December of 20/20, the year of perfect vision.

I now find myself on the cusps of releasing my book into the world. People keep asking me how it feels, and I genuinely have to say, I don’t know-how and the hell I got to this point, but here I am, and it feels AMAZING.

I share this story with you today because though I did not know it when I embarked on this journey, I am the guinea pig for this book’s content. As I proceed with the writing/editing/publishing of IT’s words into the world, I am transformed! A divine reminder that it is never about the outcome; it is always about the journey.


The Universal Gravity Code - A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment may not be literary perfection, but this book knows IT’s purpose. The purpose of this book is to convey to you, the reader, that you are much more than you could ever imagine; within you resides a genius and a prolific creator. IT taught me that my Being and yours IS the essence of pure unconditional love.


Recently I was lead to read about a notion within esoteric teachings called “The Cloak of Protection.” The cloak is A Royal Blue Garment, which covers and protects the person from harmful outside influences. According to what I was lead to read, this cloak can not be summoned; it is a bestowed gift from Arch Angel Michael. As I look back over this book’s journey, I like to imagine that IT has been covered in the most glorious Royal Blue Velvet Cloak of Protection. I understand this to be a manifestation of Divine Providence and Divine Timing. A funny aside is that in January/February of this year, I purchased the yummiest velvet blue curtains for my sitting room/office where I create. At that time, I knew nothing of this cloak. Hmmm, now that is curious.

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