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A Glitch in the Matrix - A Snowflake's Perspective

I start this ditty with a story I usually keep to myself or only share with those who know me well. However, sometimes I notice glitches in the matrix, shifts in my paradigm, or jumping timelines. I know full well that phrases or notions like this seem a tad crazy craze. I have become accustomed to their occurrence in my life but tend not to share them. I guess I am avoiding the eye rolls of those who have no idea of what I speak. Yet, my muse (the voice in my knowing) has prompted me to tell this tale for the last week. I asked for a reason to share during meditation, and my muse answered with a series of synchronicities. So, I succumb to sharing the following.

Last week while I was driving on the road, I often use, I decided to stop to get a coffee. It had been quite some time since I had treated myself to a latte, and that morning as I approached the Starbucks, I felt compelled to stop. As I was waiting to turn into the parking lot, I noticed the large For Sale sign in the connecting lot. I was pondering how that lot had been for sale for as long as I can remember. From what I can see, there is nothing wrong with the lot; it’s a cleared gravel parcel ready to take on some retail. As I turned and joined the drive-up window line, I continued observing the lot. I imagined all the different retailers who could benefit from the influx of Starbucks patrons.

My eyes never left the lot and surrounding area for more than a few seconds. As I advanced in the line, I momentarily glanced to my left and saw a reflection in the Starbucks window. It was the image of two people. I quickly turned my gaze back to the right and the empty lot, which now had a man and a woman standing smack dab in the middle. “Where in the world did they come from,” I asked myself. A few seconds earlier, there was no one to be seen, not even a car in the empty lot. They looked as disoriented as I felt. The man was carrying a backpack on his back, and the woman was facing him. They seemed to be discussing something. I even thought, “am I watching a drug deal?’ But wait, where did they come from? As they turned and started walking towards me, I sensed that they were drifters and had dropped in out of nowhere. I watched them until they passed behind my car and the line to the drive-up started to move. It was definitely a WTF moment. As I ordered my latte, I thought, well, there's a glitch and a half. I guess I just jumped timelines, or those guys are time travelers. I felt deep gratitude and thanked God for the gift of the drifters.

That was last week Wednesday, I was amid a very trying week, and I had been wrestling with many aspects of my shadow self. Besides my struggles, I was intensely aware of the heaviness of the collective. There seemed to be a heavy veil of yuck looming in the background. That morning during meditation, I had asked for support from the angels and God. I had asked for the ability to see, feel, and experience the hurt I was feeling with the grace to transcend it. I wanted to shift gears, jump timelines, switch paradigms, and return to my loving self. I understood the gift of the drifters to be just that. A shift in my perspective.

Since then, my muse has asked and then asked again to write this story. However, I sincerely did not understand the benefit it would serve. What was the punch line? Today, one week later, I asked in meditation, why do you want that story told? How can it benefit the collective?

After my typical busy morning, I decided to lay down for twenty minutes before I had to get ready and be out the door. During those twenty minutes, I had the most amazing dream. The sensation of the dream was so light and airy, full of joy and contentment. It was as if I was in a whole other dimension. When I woke, the cloak of peace and wellbeing covered me. I thought to myself,

"I want to live in that dream."

I conveyed my dream to my daughter, stating If ALL of this is a dream, meaning life, then I will choose the light dream—the dream of light, love, joy, and contentment. I will find the grace and bring a joyful heart to it all, no matter what. She agreed.

A few minutes later, she called back, stating that she had found a fortune from a fortune cookie on her stairs. She had not seen it there earlier. She was asking me, “What in the world does this mean?” The fortune cookie read

No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.

Ohhhh I understand; this is about the power of the collective and our original divine state. A snowflake is pure, crystalline, divinely unique. It is soft and gentle in its arrival and oblivious to the snowstorm or impending avalanche of the collective. It remains sovereign as it glistens in its free flow. When and if the collective becomes too much, too heavy, and begins to slide downward, the blame can never be placed on the individual snowflakes, not even the last one to fall. The snowflake only has knowledge of their original divine state, one of perfection and purity, never taking on the cloak of the heaviness of the collective or even knowing it exists. As empathic beings (yes everyone is an empath) it serves us and the collective to stay in our individual state of free flow. Sprinkled in our divine original state, glistening from head to toe. When the avalanche starts its downward descent, rise above and be the poof of snow particles free flowing in the air. Eventually, the avalanche will settle, and the landscape will return to its original peaceful snow-filled vista as if there had been a jump in timelines, a paradigm shift, or a glitch in the matrix. I remain deeply grateful for my quirky perception, the guidance of my muse, and the blessing from my Source. But most of all I am immensely grateful for you and your willingness to ride the avalanche with me. POOF, I'm up here sparkling, won’t you join me?

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