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Lofty Thoughts - Who is God?

Who and what is the infinite energetic pulse of the multiverse?

Humankind has created many expressions and defining words to help with the personification of what some call God.

I will name a few I am sure you could add to this list:

The Breath of Life

The Creator of the Creative

Great Spirit



Omniverse (my favorite)









None of these titles or adjectives are gender-specific, yet the norm is to refer to God Almighty with masculine identifiers. This noninclusive label is unfortunate because it continues to be a deterrent and detrimental to the spiritual evolution for many. But, our human egoic mind loves to label everything, and God is not immune to those labels. So, before you continuing reading, remind yourself (know it in your heart) that there is no way to gender identity God, so the figurative use of “he” includes the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Adding to the detriment may be the residual traumas imposed on us by society, religious groups, false teachings, and parental guidance. Thus, the “God” of our childhood may have been presented to us with a whole other list of oppressive and destructive actions, expressions, and defining words. These traumas may, directly and indirectly, impact our ability to experience the fullness of who and what is the energetic pulse of the omniverse—sustaining the concept of duality. Nevertheless, I will continue to use God as the term to describe the pulse of the omniverse; it is your responsibility not to subscribe traumatic ideologies to the word as we continue.

More on that in a moment; for now, I would like to explore the words Immutable and Impassible.

Immutability: adjective
1. unchanging over time or unable to be changed.
Impassible: adjective
1. a : incapable of suffering or of experiencing pain
b : inaccessible to injury
2 : incapable of feeling

Take a moment to read and digest the following passage from an essay I recently read.

Immutability and Impassibility are key, historic attributes the church has confessed, attributes that distinguish the infinite and eternal Creator from the finite and temporal creature. Immutability means God does not change in any way; he is unchanging and for that reason perfect in every way. Impassibility, a corollary to immutability, means God does not experience emotional change in any way, nor does God suffer. To clarify, God does not merely choose to be impassible; he is impassible by nature. Impassibility is intrinsic to his very being. Impassibility does not mean God is apathetic, nor does it undermine divine love. God is maximally alive; he is his attributes in infinite measure. Therefore, impassibility guarantees that God’s love could not be more infinite in its loveliness. Finally, impassibility provides great hope, for only a God who is not vulnerable to suffering in his divinity is capable of rescuing a world drowning in suffering.” - The Immutability and Impassibility of God- An Essay By Matthew Barrett

Diving deep into the meaning of these words and their inherent reflection of who God is and who she/he is not profoundly impacted my understanding of self. I have written and professed my belief in our divine inheritance, our shared Oneness with the Creator, and our divinity and perfection. I have made it my daily walk to move beyond the world of shadowy delusional projections and maintain the power within as my holy focus. These words begged me to look at a more profound understanding of “the power within.” Could I dare to say these words as an I am statement?

I Am Immutable – there is nothing and will never be anything that can change my perfection and divine inheritance. So I’ve got this one, or at least understand this on a soul’s level.

But …

I Am Impassible – incapable of suffering or of experiencing pain, inaccessible to injury, incapable of feeling. Now, this is not my reality, and I struggle to know how to turn that Knowing switch on.

I Know that accepting and embodying the meaning of impassible as an aspect of self and our inherited divine power would heal and erase every trauma sustained by every human being. Backward and forwards for all time.

This, my friends, may be the holy grail!

The accepted power of these words would erase every division created by humankind. The veil of illusions would be lifted forever if we understood on a soul’s level that we are impassible by nature. That impassibility is intrinsic to our very being. That impassibility does not mean that we are apathetic, nor does it undermine our divine love. On the contrary, we are maximally alive; we are our attributes in infinite measure. Therefore, impassibility guarantees that our love could not be more infinite in its loveliness. Finally, impassibility provides great hope, for only we who are not vulnerable to suffering in our divinity are capable of rescuing a world drowning in suffering.

Are you getting this? This is some deep stuff here. We were not meant to suffer, feel pain, or be injured. We are not finite and temporal creatures, as some have led us to believe. There has been an illusional gene-altering mutation imposed on humanity, and we can reverse it. The power to reverse it is in the acceptance and embodiment of who we truly are.

I leave you, your jaw dropped with one more thought.

What is done by one is done for the whole.

Will you be the one who accepts the armor of these words and rescues the world drowning in suffering? Will you be infinite love in its loveliness?

Believe it or not, the only action needed is a change in perspective, as simple and complex as it may seem.

I promise you, I will return to this Knowing every day and see you and ALL of our fellow travelers in their glory. I will do my best to drop the need to label and attempt to embody my understanding of these words. If you choose to join me in this call to action, I ask that you stand in all of your glory and make these I Am statements the focus of your life.

I Am Immutable I Am Impassible

In Deep Contemplation,


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